Sponsors and Exhibition

Exhibition at 34th ICPST

1. Lith Tech Japan Corporation (Double Space)


2. Phototechnica Corporation


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Litho Tech Japan Corporation

Office: 2-6-6 Namiki, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken 332-0034 

URL: http://www.ltj.co.jp/index.php

Tel 048-258-6775

Fax 048-258-6673





Evaluation of microfabrication process, development of manufacturing equipments, manufacturing, sales, import and export, maintenance.


Coaterdeveloper, resist evaluation system, nanoimprint, simulator, film thickness measuring apparatus, EUV light source, contracted research, contracted measurement, LDLSTM white light source




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Exhibition: Exhibition: Patterned Tg Analyzer Model PTGA-500, 

   Mini-lab bake -150

   Atsushi Sekiguchi, Analysis Science Group 






office: 1-2-17 Minamiurawa, Minami-Ku,
           Saitama-Shi, Saitama 336-0017 JAPAN

URL:   http://www.phototechnica.co.jp

e-mail: voc@phototechnica.co.jp

Bank:  The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

            Urawa Branch, Saitama

TEL:    +81-48-871-0067

FAX:    +81-48-871-0068



 Import & sell, consulting & technical services of:
1) Imaging systems and applications
2) Optical instruments and related devices
3) Laser systems and measurement instruments
4) Thinfilm measurement instruments


PHOTOTECHNICA started the business with importing and selling lasers, optical equipment and parts, and has expanded it through introducing overseas' most innovative and creative products to the domestic customers. As the laser products we offer a variety of lasers from Diode pumped to Nano, Pico and Femto second lasers. Laser related products handled includes the components like shutters, deflectors, modulators, power controllers, and measurement equipment like autocorrelators and power / energy meters. In the area of light analyses and imaging, it offers Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters, and high performance Spectrometers. Furthermore, to serve to the customers in thin film technology area, it offers the Film Adherence Strength Tester, QCM film deposition monitors and Multiple Sensor Heads for vacuum film formation process. PHOTOTECHNICA is committed to maintain its unique position as a frontier distributor in High Tech area with placing a priority focus on Opto and Nano technologies.


Major Suppliers

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Thin Film Adhesive Strength Tester: Romulus can measure the adhesive strength between substrates and thin films quantitatively




Romulus can measure adhesive strength between substrate and thin films (coating films etc.) quantitatively. The mechanism is pulling down stud sealed epoxy adhesive  test (bond strength 70Mpa) And force and adhesive strength at strain breaking off can


be displayed easily with special software.



Optical thin film measurement : AvaThinfilm System can measure the thickness of the thin film by optical interference.




AvaThinfilm system is based on white light interference measurement to determine optical thickness. And optical thickness is translated to physical thickness by material rate.