Sponsors and Exhibition


Please contact the conference office if you have the interest in performing exhibition with ICPST-32!


Now, we are accepting Exhibition at 32nd Conference (2015).

No list now.

Please contact to the conference office through the inquiry in this homepage.

The company name will be posted on the program booklet and conference homepage.


Sponsor will be providing 1.80m width 0.9m depth table with2m height full size back board equipped with the company name card and lighting.

One whole set of the journals will be also provided. One exhibitor is cordially invited to the banquet free of charge.







Japan Laser Corporation (JLC),
    a key trading company specializing in lasers,
    has served the needs of customers since 1968.

office: 2-14-1, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0051 Japan

URL: http://www.japanlaser.co.jp/  

☎ +81-3-5285-0861,

FAX +81-3-5285-0860,

E-mail : kamata@japanlaser.co.jp



Corporate Philosophy

“Integrated Light Solutions”

We facilitate the development of a great diversity of sciences and industries, creatively applying optical technologies through cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners.


Business Partners

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【Maskless Aligners】
Our Maskless Aligners are high performance direct exposure systems specifically designed for easy
operation and high speed exposures.
They offer all the capabilities of a traditional Mask Aligner for single layer and multi-layer applications
and even overcome some of the limitations of photomask based exposure technologies.
The MLA will eliminate the need for photomasks and shorten your development cycle significantly.