ICPST-39 プログラム

39th ICPST time table (online conference site version)


・Tue. June 28


・Wed. June 29


・Thu. June 30



A. English Symposia                                                     English


OP.    Opening Remarks

S1.    Plenary Lecture

A1.    Next Generation Lithography, EB Lithography and Nanotechnology

A2.    Nanobiotechnology

A3.    Directed Self Assembly (DSA)

A4.    Computational / Analytical Approach for Lithography Processes

A5.    EUV Lithography

A6.    Nanoimprint

A7.    193 nm Lithography Extension and EUV HVM Readiness

A8.    Photopolymers in 3-D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

A9.    2D and Stimuli Responsive Materials for Electronics & Photonics

A10.  Strategies and Materials for Advanced Packaging, Next Generation MEMS, Flexible Devices

A11.  Chemistry for Advanced Photopolymer Science

A12.  Organic and Hybrid Materials for Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices

A13.  Fundamentals and Applications of Biomimetics Materials and Processes

A14.  General Scopes of Photopolymer Science and Technology


P1.    Panel Symposium "Beyond Sub-10 nm Lithography -From a Material Design and Development Perspective-" 

CL.    Closing Remarks


B. Japanese Symposia


       B1.    ポリイミド及び高温耐熱樹脂ー機能化と応用ー


       B2.   プラズマ光化学と高分子表面機能化


       B3.   一般講演:

(1) 光物質科学の基礎 (光物理過程、光化学反応など)

(2) 光機能素子材料 (分子メモリー、情報記録材料、液晶 など)

(3) 光・レーザー・電子線を活用する合成・重合・パターニング

(4) フォトファブリケーション (光成型プロセス、リソグラフィ)

(5) レジスト除去、エッチング、洗浄

(6) 装置 (光源、照射装置、計測、プロセスなど)


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June 28, 火  (Japan Standard Time)

June 29, 水 (Japan Standard Time)

June 30, 木 (Japan Standard Time)