Access rules, Terms and Policy of the Electronic Journal

1. Access rules

1.1. Access to Electronic Journal of Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology

Electronic journal of Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology (“JPST”) operated by the Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology (“SPST”) and it makes electronic journals issued by SPST available to the public via the Internet. Anyone may access the files of Electronic journal as long as users understand and abide by these rules. Please note that users will be deemed to have agreed to these rules upon access to the files. These rules may be amended as necessary without notice in advance.

1.2. Copyright

   The copyright of electronic journals and other contents published by SPST generally (collectively, “Electronic Journal”) belongs to SPST. The copyright on editing the layout and design of Electronic Journals belongs to SPST. These Electronic Journals are free for use to the extent permitted by the Copyright Law (such as for private use or citation), however, approval of the copyright owner should be obtained for reprinting, duplication, public transmission, translation, commercial use or making of derivative information (including compiling into databases), etc.

1.3. Prohibited Matters

   Users are permitted to access or download the Electronic Journals only to the extent that is necessary for browsing each article. Downloading in volume exceeding such extent (automatically or manually) is prohibited. In addition to that, all acts that cause or may cause system failure are also prohibited. Regardless of whether or not compensation is received, systematic linking or searching (from database services and link resolvers, etc.) to SPST system for commercial purposes needs SPST's written approval in advance.

1.4. No Guarantee

    SPST shall not be liable for any damage, loss or cost incurred by users due to or in relation to the access to the Electronic Journal and related services. SPST shall also not be liable for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the services.

1.5. Revision of browsing agreement

    When the organization finds it necessary, it can revise this browsing agreement without prior notice to the viewer.

    When the revision of this review policy is made, the mechanism shall be posted on the homepage of SPST without delay and made public.

    When viewing the Electronic Journal after publication of the browsing agreement, the viewer shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised browsing agreement.

1.6. Govering Law, Jurisdiction

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. It is agreed that the court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising with this agreement shall be the Tokyo District Court.


This rule has been applied since May 30, 2018


2. Pay-Per-View Article (Access to Electronic Journal) – Terms and Policy 

2.1. Terms

    The following Terms and Conditions, govern the entire use of the Pay-Per-View System. Please note that you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Use after you purchase a document via the Pay-Per-View System.

2.2. Copyright

    The purchased documents and all the contents currently available via the Pay-Per-View System using the password issued individually are protected by copyrights under international conventions (unless otherwise indicated on the title page of the document).

    The copyright holder is indicated in the column of the document information.

    You may use the purchased documents to the extent permitted by copyright laws, such as private use or quotation; however, prior written consent of the copyright holder is required if you reprint, duplicate, publicly transmit, translate, commercially use the document or make any derivative information in relation thereto (including compiling the documents into a database).

2.3. Additional Terms

    These rules may be amended as necessary without notice in advance. Your use of the Pay-Per-View System shall be conclusively deemed as acceptance of such modification.

    Your use of the Pay-Per-View System after the amendment is deemed as your consent to such amendment.