Subscriptions, renewals, and address changes

should be addressed to the Editorial Office. For address the changes, please send both old and new addresses and, if possible, include a mailing label from the wrapper of recent issue. Requests from subscribers for missing journal issues will be honored without charge only if received within six months of the issue's actual date of publication; otherwise, the issue may be purchased at the single-copy price.



Subscriptions Price:

Japan  ¥12,000 yen.



Please contact journal office for your request.


Payment is requested along to the instruction of the editorial office.

Credit card is only available for oversea payment.


Journal purchase order form

Purchase backnumbers, ¥12000 multiple volume numbers, currently each volume contains 6 issues.





Publication Charge (Reprint Order)
To support a part of the cost of publication of journal pages, the author's institution is required to pay
a page charge of ¥3,000 per page (with a one-page minimum) and an article charge of ¥ 12,000 per article. The page charge (if honored) entitles the author to 50 free reprints. For Errata the minimum page charge is ¥3,000, with no article charge and no free reprints.


Before you pay, please contact journal office. Credit card is only available for oversea payment.

Reprint order form

Application for Reprint (English)
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Application for Reprint (Japanese)
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Purchase ¥3000 multiple [page number + 4 (article charge ¥12000)]