SPST Organization

Board of Directors

The SPST Board of Directors, the Society’s chief governing body, is chartered to “administer all the affairs of the Society”. The Board is made up of 6 members.




  Currently, Takeo Watanabe is the Executive Advisor to the President of the University of Hyogo (in charge of promoting advanced science and technology and interdisciplinary research), Vice Dean of the Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, Director of the Center for EUVL, and a Full Professor. Since 1993, he has been engaged in research and development of basic technology for extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). Up to now, he participated in and led four national projects for 20 years, and the results of joint research with many domestic and overseas companies led to the application of EUVL as a mass production technology for 7-nm-node-logic devices in 2019. He published more than 240 papers in this field.

Since 1990, he has been engaged in the development of basic technology for semiconductor microfabrication for advanced DRAM at the Central Research and Development Laboratory of Sharp Corporation. In 1996, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Himeji Institute of Technology (currently the University of Hyogo), and since then has been researching and developing advanced nanofabrication technology for advanced semiconductors, including photoresists, exposure equipments, and EUV masks etc.

At the photopolymer international conference, he served as a member of the organizing committee, a member of the program committee, EUVL symposium chair, the Board of Directors and Director of the International Affairs. From September 2022, he took over the position of the new president of the Society of Photopolymers (SPST). He hopes that SPST will serve as a place for exchanges in the field of photopolymers, as well as inheriting the thoughts of the former chairman on photopolymers.



TERUAKI HAYAKAWA, Vice PRESIDENT, Director of executive committee

Teruaki Hayakawa is the Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology. 



seiji Nagahara, Vice PRESIDENT

 Dr. Seiji Nagahara is serving as Senior Director / Senior Chief Engineer in Tokyo Electron Ltd (TEL). He works for marketing and development of the next generation coater/developer tools and resist processes in TEL. His journey began with positions at NEC, NEC Electronics and Renesas Electronics, where he contributed to research and development initiatives. He researched lithography related technologies in a variety of places including Toshiba, Japan (as an assignee from NEC Electronics for joint development), IMEC, Belgium (as an assignee from NEC Electronics), University of California, Berkeley, USA (as a Visiting Industrial Fellow from NEC Electronics), and Argonne National Laboratory, USA (Visiting Researcher sent by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan). Throughout his career, Dr. Nagahara has been at the forefront of research spanning various lithography-related technologies including EUV lithography equipment/process/materials and DSA processes. He holds Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering from Osaka University and has authored numerous technical papers, book chapters, and patents. He also contributes to the academic and technical societies including The Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology, MNC, SPIE, SEAJ, IEEE IRDS, SEMI JAPAN STS, DSA Symposium and so on as a committee member. Since April 2024, he has been the SPST vice president.



Haruyuki Okamura, Director of Publication

 Haruyuki Okamura has been the Associate Professor at Osaka Metropolitan University since Apr. 2022. He received the Ph.D. degree  from Kyoto University in Nov. 1998. He worked at Osaka Prefecture University as assistant professor from Jan. 1999. Since Oct. 2011, He has been an associate professor. He was also a visiting scholar at Cornell University from Aug. 2009 to Mar. 2010. His research interests are polymer chemistry, photoresist and degradation. Since April 2024, he has been the SPST director of publication.



Itaru OSAKA, Director of Awards

Itaru Osaka is the Professor, Hiroshima University.


Hiroto KUDO, Director of Administration

     Hiroto Kudo is the Professor of Department of Chemistry and Materials Engineering, Kansai University.


    He received a Doctorate in polymer chemistry from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 2000. He did postdoctoral research at the Venture Business Laboratory at Yamagata University, Japan during 2000–2001. In his career at Kanagawa University, he has progressed from Research Associate (2001) to Assistant Professor (2007), and Associate Professor (2009).  In 2013, he moved to Kansai University as an Associate Professor and was promoted to Professor in 2015.  His current research interests include synthesis of new functional polymers applicable to EUV resists, UV-curing materials, high and low-refractive indices materials. Since 2021, he has been a member of the ICPST director.  


Masataka ENDO, Special Assistant of the president

 Masataka Endo is the Specially Appointed Professor of Osaka University.



   Takashi Karatsu is the Professor of Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Chiba University.


TAKUMI Ueno, Accounting audit

 Takumi Ueno is the Specially Appointed Professor of Shinshu University.