SPST Organization

Board of Directors

The SPST Board of Directors, the Society’s chief governing body, is chartered to “administer all the affairs of the Society”. The Board is made up of 5 members.



Minoru Tsuda, President

Minoru Tsuda is Professor of Physical Chemistry Emeritus, Chiba University. He received his PhD from The University of Tokyo. His research interest is molecular science based on Schroedinger Equation of photochemistry, radiation chemistry, plasma chemistry, epitaxial growth of surfaces and also living organisms. He published more than 200 scientific papers. He has, moreover, worked on practical problems, especially photopolymers for semiconductor microfabrications for 40 years, and has held more than 100 patents. In 1961, having been a research chemist at TOKOSHI (Government Chemical Industrial Research Institute, Tokyo), he invented a remarkable production method (TOKOSHI method) of poly(vinylcinnamate), the only photoresist for microfabrications at that time. TOKOSHI method reduced the production cost of the photoresist, down to 1/10 compared with the conventional method. The Government Patent of this invention has been exclusively licensed to TOK (Tokyo Ohka Kogyo), and this is known to be the origin of the development of TOK to world-largest photoresist supplier.


HIrOyuki MAYAMA, Director of Publication

Hiroyuki Mayama graduated from Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University in 1999 and was given Dr. of Engineering. He was a CREST researcher of Kyoto University in 1999-2003, and then research associate at Research Institute of Electronic Science, Hokkaido University between 2003-2012. Now he is associate professor at Asahikawa Medical University. He is acting as a new editor in Chief of J. Photopolym. Sci. Technol. since beginning of 2020.

His interest includes soft matter physics (polymer physics, wetting phenomenon), fractal science, nonlinear science, and biomimetics.


Masataka Endo, Director of Scientific Program

Masataka Endo is specially-assigned professor of the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University. He received B.S. and M.S. Degrees from Kyoto University in 1981, 1983 and Ph.D Degree from Osaka University in 1992. For more than 25 years, he has been engaged in research and development of advanced resist and process for semiconductor lithography in Matsushita Electric, Panasonic and Osaka Univ. As Program Committee Chairperson of International Conference of Photopolymer Science and Technology, he has contributed to the progress of the conference.



Takeo Watanabe, Director of International Affairs

Takeo Watanabe is the Professor, Director of the Center for EUV, Dean of Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, University of Hyogo. He received his Ph.D from Osaka City University in 1990. He had been engaged at the Central Research and Development Laboratory of SHARP Corporation since 1990. Since 1996, he has been engaged at Himeji Institute of Technology (Current University of Hyogo). He is an expert of the EUV lithographic technology; including optics, exposure tool, mask and resist technologies. He served as Director of International Affairs (2016), EUVL Symposium chair, and a member of the organizing committee and program committee to progress the International Conference of Photopolymer Science and Technology.



Takashi Karatsu, Director of Administration

Takashi Karatsu is the Professor of Chemistry, Graduate School of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology at Chiba University. He earned his Bachelor and Ph. D Degree at University of Tsukuba, in 1981 and 1986 (Prof. Katsumi Tokumaru), respectively. He worked with Prof. Josef Michl at Univ. Utah and Texas at Austin as a post-doc. Then he became research assistant at Univ. Tsukuba, then lecturer and associate professor at Chiba Univ. His research interests are photochemistry of organic and organometallic compounds, including photoinitiators, photopolymers, and organic electronic materials. He is currently director of administration (since 2013) and editor of the Journal of photopolymer Science and Technology since 2007 (No.6). He manages local organizing committee of the Photopolymer Conference. He has been executive director of The Japanese Photochemistry Association 2014-2015.