Access and Venue

This year the Conference will be held at Makuhari area, therefore please be carefull for your hotel reservation. (It takes more than 30 min from Chiba station to Kaihin-Makuhari station)


How to access Makuhari area


〇 Bus & Train Access to Makuhari Area from Narita International Airport



〇 Bus & Train Access to Makuhari Area from Haneda International Airport



Train Access



〇 Express Bus Access

〇 Three Bus Route to Makuhari Area from Makuhari-Hongo Station (JR Sobu-Line)

1. For "Makuhari Messe Chuo"  Makuhari Hongoo Station - Makuhari Messe Chuo          17minutes

2. For "QVC Marine Field" /"Iryo Center"  Makuhari Hongoo Station - Town Center (3 minutes walk to Makuhari Messe)      17minutes

3. For "Kaihin Makuhari Station"   Makuhari Hongoo Station - JR Kaihin Makuhari Station (5 minutes walk to Makuhari Messe)       15minutes


Makuhari messe, International conference halls

 Bird View Map of Makuhari Area




〇 International Conference Halls,

     Conference A (Room301), B (Room 302), C (Room303) D (Room 304).