Submission and Reviewing of the Manuscript

If you wish to submit your article to "The Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology", please follow the information of "Submission and Reviewing of the Manuscript".




Submit Manuscripts to the SPST Homepage (Journal --> Submission & Reviewing of the Manuscript --> Editorial Manager). Submission is a representation that the manuscript has not been published previously elsewhere.  The manuscript should be accompanied by a statement transferring copyright from the authors (or their employers-whoever holds the copyright) to the Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology.  A suitable form for copyright transfer is available from the SPST Homepage.  This written transfer of copyright, which previously was assumed to be implicit in the act of submitting a manuscript, is necessary under the Japan copyright law.  Further information may be obtained from the “Manual for Manuscript Writing” at the SPST Homepage.


Proofs and All Correspondence: Concerning papers in the process of publication should be addressed to the Editorial Office. 


Manuscript Preparation:   All the papers submitted are reproduced electronically as they were.  For this reason, the manuscripts should be prepared according to the Manual for Manuscript Writings shown at the SPST Homepage.